Samson Adeola

Samson Adeola is a young entrepreneur, photographer and student. He currently heads his business 1ST VERSE Film and Photography. He has achieved head boy at his sixth form where he is studying for his A-Levels in Economics, Sociology and Media Studies. He has also worked within many different firms including Ernest Young and government bodies such as The Ministry of Justice. In the near future he wants to attend University to study Economics or Economics and Law at The London School of Economics and SOAS University respectively.



Mubarak Tairu

Mubarak is reading Physics and Aero Physics at Manchester University.  He is also ambassador of Sponsors of Education Opportunity  (SEO).

More recently, he  has successfully completed spring internships at JP Morgan and Barclays respectively. Mubarak is also the University of Manchester’s African Caribbean Societies Careers Executive, advising people with job applications.


Aminat Damilola Seriki

Aminat  is involved in LetusLearn as a campaigner. She is passionate about Fashion Design and is currently studying this in college.  Aminat is in her final year and plans to do a degree in Fashion and Design at university.  She enjoys visiting galleries and sketching.


Precious Arabambi

Precious is 19 years old and came to England from Nigeria when she was 3 years. She came to the UK with her mother and siblings.  She enjoys making documentaries about subjects that are interesting and important to her. She is currently part of a campaign group called LetUsLearn. She campaigns for young people who have lived in the UK almost all their lives.

Precious will be studying Digital Television Production at Ravensbourne University London in September 2018.


Daniel Oludare

Daniel is 15 years old and came to the UK when he was 3 years. He is aspiring to become an officer in the British Army with the Royal Engineers; and hopes to go to Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College.

Daniel has been the public face of the petition on citizenship fees hosted by Amnesty International UK: