Our Work and Referrals for advice and assistance

In partnership and with support from other organisations and individuals, we:

  • Run monthly advice surgery slots for young persons who are destitute, isolated or have very limited income (please see below for referral form)
  • Do legal  advice casework for young persons.
  • Identify and carry out extensive legal research of law, policy and the application of these (most of this work has been funded by the Strategic Legal Fund (SLF))
  • Train lawyers and agencies working with young persons such as Social Services and voluntary organisation
  • Work in partnership with private, voluntary and statutory bodies to influence law, policy and practice
  • Monitor unlawful and poor practice and challenge this by any legal remedy available
  • Increase the capacity of advice in London and other cities by training and supporting groups

Our work is hosted by Migrants Resource Centre (MRC). Some of  our advice, casework  and litigation is funded by legal aid, a small grant from Paul Hamlyn Foundation  and the support of qualified volunteers.

For basic information on British Citizenship, you may wish to read our Leaflet for Parents, Carers and Children, which can be found at this link:


If you wish to refer a young person with a complex legal case and who is destitute or with very limited financial means, please fully complete our referral form.  You can download our referral form here:


Once assessed as suitable to receive PRCBC legal assistance, we would normally offer the young person an appointment at our monthly surgery. Our monthly advice surgery is on the first Saturday of the month and by appointment only.  Sadly, we don’t have any appointments available until July 2018.  We are unable to consider any new referrals until May 2018.

For any other information about referrals, please contact us by e-mail: prcbc2013@gmail.com